Morpholio’s Tracepro app assists architects throughout construction administration phase


morpholio — a company specialized in smartphone apps for creatives such as designers, artists, photographers, etc. — launches their new app for architects. tracepro assists the user during the whole construction administration phase, so you don’t have to waste your time on-site trying to design by hand.

instantly scale and measure any photo

an age-old challenge for architects is that critical design decisions consistently need to be made in the field. the problem is the amount of design that happens on site keeps increasing and today we are seeing that more design can happen in construction than in concept and sd combined. not only do budgets, scope changes, and fast-track schedules force important design decisions on site, but unforeseen field conditions, contractor errors and never-ending client changes can all keep your team designing and problem-solving throughout CA. add to that the constraints of little to no time for studies, your team is down to one person and you are about to hear, ‘we needed that yesterday.’

export drawings and sketches with ease

enter morpholio tracepro for iPhone that intends to transform site visits by importing key components of the design process into the construction administration phase. imagine being able to draw a perspective in seconds for a field change, measure drawings and photos for smarter markups, or use scaled maps to adjust a window to the best view or solar orientation. ‘with these new tools you can walk off a site with problems solved, changes documented, money saved and ultimately more informed design decisions happening live,’ says toru hasegawa, morpholio co-founder.

pair images with drawings instantly

‘CA is the crux of the process and built work. design does not just happen at your desk, and there is absolutely no reason it should have to,’ says anna kenoff, morpholio co-founder. ‘we have the most advanced tools for every step of the process. why would we not want them during construction?’

full drawing sets at your fingertips

here are 5 CA super tools that will change your site visits forever:

01. AR drawing on site: want to seriously blow your client or contractor away? need to design over an existing condition or space on site? use iPhone AR to get the exact perspective grids, then sketch any design changes, corrections or modifications in seconds. you can also capture the view in the field and bring it back to your iPad for more detailed drawings.

02. fast markups: to scale take a photo of any site condition; register the scale and then markup anywhere. use the stencil or text tools for clear annotations and clouds. then, save the notes, sketches, and markups for a field report or send it back to your team instantly from the site.

03. full drawing sets in your pocket: finally the days of carrying full sets of documents are over. use the multipage pdf feature to import and markup full sets of drawings anywhere. for some extra magic, key your on-site photos to any drawing in the pdf. so whether you’re on a job site, traveling by plane or simply sitting with your client, you can now have full sets of drawings on your iphone with you everywhere.

04. scaled sitemaps: walking a site for the first time? something in the field does not match the site plan? now you can instantly pull a scaled map to review or design on. measure site boundaries, a distance between trees or setbacks effortlessly in situ. imagine a scaled globe to design on in your pocket.

05. smarter photos: is the outlet too low? I forgot to measure it!!! no problem. now, if you know one dimension in an elevation you know so much more. simply register the dimension for a wall and then you can measure everything else on it; on-site or when you get back to your desk.

get scaled grids with AR to draw perspectives with ease

‘trace is an unparalleled place to think in scale. now with its own exportable project format, sharing drawings is like sharing ideas. you can send a trace drawing to anyone, and they can share back with their own changes, notes, and new layers,’ says mark collins, morpholio co-founder. ‘tracepro will always strive to create the right mix by balancing the thinking that occurs between the eye, hand and mind, and the thinking that happens between collaborators and teams.’

sketch on top of any site condition easily with AR

architects need tools not just for reporting, but also more importantly for thinking, collaborating and drawing during the construction of their work. tracepro not only answers this, it boldly flips the understanding of CA and gives power back to architects as the creative during any challenging phase of a project. morpholio believes that design happens at all phases, that the hand is smarter than the mouse and that creativity should never be bound to a desk. you can download morpholio trace for iPhone and iPad in the app store here.

scaled grids give your sketches precision and accuracy

mark up any condition with killer drawing tools

bring in maps to scale and draw on top anywhere