Tattooed Snakes whisper love poems on scott campbell’s master & dynamic headphones


valentine’s day is three weeks away and new york city-based master & dynamic has just announced a relevant, limited-edition line: four headphones designed in collaboration with tattoo artist, fine artist and probably-old-soul, scott campbell. ‘the scott campbell for master & dynamic collection’ brings us a redesigned MW60 wireless over-ear ($549) along with a MH40 over-ear ($399) counterpart. both feature scott’s recognizably-minimal, triangle, line, triangle, line, snake design.

all images and video courtesy of master and dynamic

in addition to the tattoo linework, the inner ear pads hide a mantra we could all be reminded of more often, not just around valentine’s day. that is: ‘the smartest things I ever did were stupid things for love.’ for tattoo artists/enthusiasts, it makes sense; wear your heart on your sleeve; listen closely to the wisdom you know deep down. ignore the majority. don’t conform to hate. scott campbell. the wise-heart. he clearly put passion at the forefront of this collaboration.

master & dynamic has made the collection available in two color patterns: black metal with black leather, or black metal with white leather. on the surface of them, triangles, lines, and squiggly-snake-tongues curl around your ear, like thin blackwork tattoos; a close minded majority may say that they’re stupid. those who live like campbell hope so.