Will the MRJ Survive? – Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s tough 2017 – Leeham News


The past year was difficult for Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (MAC) and its MRJ regional airliner. Although clear progress was made in the flight-testing of the MRJ, problems were found with the aircraft’s avionics and cabling redundancy.

The result is an avionics and cabling systems redesign which pushes out first delivery from 2018 to 2020. It’s the fifth and the longest delay of the program.

MRJ program delays

The MRJ program was launched March 2008, with the first delivery of the MRJ90 version to lead customer All Nippon Airways (ANA) 2013.

After several delays, the first MRJ90 prototype flew November 2015. Delivery was now moved to 2018, as a redesign of the wing-body join area and the landing gear was necessary.

Flight-testing of the MRJ started in Nagoya, Japan, but was moved from the busy Nagoya area to the non-congested Moses Lake (WA) in the USA. For this purpose, experienced flight-testing consultants were engaged.

As these prepared the test plans for the MRJ in cooperation with MAC, they realized the aircraft had flaws in its avionics and cabling redundancy…

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