Qatar is bringing its new Qsuites business class to Sydney, Canberra


EXCLUSIVE | Qatar Airways will launch its new Canberra-Sydney-Doha flights in mid-February with the airline’s flagship Qsuites business class, which boasts first class-style sliding doors for privacy doors and even a double bed.

But don’t get too excited – for now it’s just a one-time treat for the inaugural flight, which leaves Doha on 11 February 2018 and makes its return journey from Canberra on 13 February.

A spokesperson for Qatar Airways confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that subsequent flights will be on an older Boeing 777-300ER jet fitted out with a similarly older business class, as shown below.

Although a lie-flat bed, the 2-2-2 layout and decade-old design puts this one step behind the business class of the Sydney-Doha Airbus A380…

… and two strides behind the new Qsuite.

So while this is a canny PR move by Qatar Airways to maximise publicity for the new Canberra route, don’t be taken in by the mainstream media coverage: for now, book the Canberra-Doha flight on any day after 13 February and you’ll be feeling a little let down.

Of course, if you’re itching to try the superb Qsuites – which we currently rate as the world’s best business class – then jump right in and book yourself a seat on the QR907 flight from Canberra at 1.45pm on 13 February, or the same flight’s Sydney-Doha leg departing Sydney at 3.55pm later that day.