Upgrade your motorrad R nineT’s aesthetic with this easy to install ER kit by dab design


there is no ‘customizing motorcycles for dummies’ instruction guide yet, but now, having an eye for design doesn’t come at the cost of mechanical know-how; dab design — custom motorcycle design company — is doing the hard work for you, releasing a no-welding-necessary fiberglass ER kit for any rider who wants to give their BMW R nineT 1200 (2014 or later) a new appearance. no metal shaping. no CNC. no advanced tools. just ‘sockets, screwdrivers, and such.’

1 | new front mudguard and fork cover
all images courtesy of dab design

here’s what you get: a dual position lenticular optics lighting system, with an LED bar position light; a front fender acting as a mudguard, fender and fork cover; rear shell and side probes (drastically different from stock); two radiator side probes; dab design CNC logo details; a new headlight; and finally, two asymmetrical, motorrad-esque lightning components.

the BMW R nineT before and after kit customization

the bolt-on kit allows minor customization to the stock R nineT; but, the results are not minor at all. with just some basic wiring skills you will pick up on youtube in 10 minutes, and some even more basic screwdriver savvy, you get new lights, new fenders: a BMW-meets-tron machine. according to dab design, the keywords for the project were ‘style, racing, innovation, design and  safety.’ appropriately, the kit can be mounted without modifying anything on the factory motorcycle, keeping the stock bike secure, and warranties still in check. find support for the ER kit here.

2 | new tail

3 | new radiator side guards

4 | new lighting system

the rear shell can be removed and replaced by BMW passenger seat.

the kit is available in pure blue, black, silver, and racer white

final detail: 2 CNC aluminum dab design emblems

the kit can also be mounted on the BMW R nineT pure and racer with minor adaptations