PIX’s modular self-driving car disrupts mobility with its unique way of manufacturing


PIX is not just a self-driving car, it is an intelligent terminal powered by new way of manufacturing. control system, electric power platform and cabin structure — the modular design enables PIX to modify freely for different uses such as a shuttle vehicle, unattended vending car, and an autonomous logistics cargo.


PIX self-driving cafe serves fresh coffee with a UR barista

PIX is a solution for sharing mobility in industrial parks, shopping malls, touristic attractions, airports, residential communities, private roads and other public places. the first application of PIX self-driving car is a moving cafe with a robot barista serving specialty coffee. it will move around by itself and stop to provide service when people need it. mobility as a service is the ultimate goal of PIX self-driving.


the frame is inspired by mobius strip, echoing to the futuristic and technology sense of self-driving

the modular transformation ensures its fluent role change as a service provider. it can be a cafe car, it can be a laundry cube, a logistics car, it really can be anything you want and it will stop in front of you when you need the service. PIX is rebuilding the manufacturing and mobility of cars. DFM — design for manufacturing — is a core concept of PIX, which is very suitable for agile manufacturing. most of the car parts are produced via digital manufacturing, which have provided easier access to car manufacturing, enabling the car to be produced in most small factories or workshops worldwide. the decentralized, distributed and user-participated way of manufacturing makes 90% less car parts a possibility.

the self-driving car in sightseeing mode, reloading battery on the super charging spot

sightseeing mode enables passengers to greatly appreciate the surrounding landscape

inspired by the spacecraft, the overall shape contains built-in computers and sensors for self-driving

the self-driving logistics cargo concept design — parcels can be put on each shelf based on its different sizes

industrial robot doing welding and cutting during the manufacturing process

car body assembly process

built-in LED screen shows the brewing process and product values

simple sketching for the proposed self-driving car

frame structure design of cafe car, getting ready for digital manufacturing

mini factory concept, forming a manufacturing ecosystem