this semi autonomous truck concept could travel on an international highway


elon musk revealed his semi truck to the world and now, similar concepts are popping up everywhere. one of the more ambitious of these is korean designer muyeon cho’s, euro-x. muyeon cho borrows elon’s minimal aesthetic and reimagines it in the design voice of a mercedes-benz with an aerodynamic edge. essentially, this vehicle’s design is broken down into three sections: the driving area, the rest area, and the chassis.

aerodynamic, semi-luxurious mercedes benz concept
all images courtesy of muyeon cho

while some people are ready for full autonomy to get here tomorrow, cho’s design is more relevant today; this semi-autonomous truck still has a fully functional driving area included in the design. autonomous technology is close, but the transition from manually piloting a vehicle, to sleeping soundly in the chase lounge chair of said vehicle, will be a slow one.

concept image

autonomy will not happen overnight. but with a working cockpit and a resting area underneath, the euro-x could be a near-future solution during an age of great transition. cho doesn’t say much about his chassis, but he is aware that semis often operate for periods of 5,000 kilometers at a time.

concept fleet

the vast distances semis travel may not change, but their paths, according to cho, just might. cho imagines an international highway, where self-driving semis drive for days and drivers chill below deck. if he is correct, will it be teslas that pioneer these roads, or some even more ambitious design?

the euro-x rendered inside station

early renders without cargo

render details

refined sketches

early sketches

key elements broken down

euro-x concept overview with international highway