Timur Bozca Conceives the Cauta Super Sailing Yacht Concept


turkish designer timur bozca reveals a lightweight, high-performance sailing yacht packed with a range of technological features. the 55 m ‘cauta’ concept is designed with a carbon fiber hull, and is outfitted with an innovative dynarig system to enhance sailing pleasure on board, while boosting engine efficiency. the yacht is dressed in an ‘elite supernova’ silver color-palette to match the design’s sleek lines, and its advanced onboard systems.

all images © timur bozca

influenced by the aerodynamic form of an albatross in flight, timur bozca’s ‘cauta’ has been designed with a minimalist approach to make the yacht as comfortable and easily maintainable as possible, while the lightweight exterior structure creates a strong relationship with the eclectic interior spaces. on board is accommodation for up to ten guests, and eight crew members. a master-suite is located towards the stern, offering the most spacious and comfortable sleeping quarters anywhere on the vessel. unlike more traditional yachts, all of the guest cabins provide unparalleled exterior views with an underwater experience through huge, monolithic polycarbonate side and floor panels. oLED technology creates an illuminative experience inside with plenty of soft lights, creating the feeling of a large, open space. the ‘cauta’ is a diesel-electric sailing yacht and is powered through a shaft and feathering-prop. with all three caterpillar ‘C12.9’ genset engines in operation, the yacht also navigates the sea via a siemens electric-engine to reduce consumption, noise, and vibration, while increasing power efficiency.