Mecedes-Benz Unimog S 404.111 4×4 is an Olive Multi Purpose Vehicle


juxtaposing a dainty aesthetic with huge off-road capabilities, this olive green mecedes-benz ‘unimog’ appears to be perfectly frozen in time. the ‘unimog’s’ most unusual features are perhaps its flexible chassis frame, an integral part of the suspension, and the same-sized wheels. this particular example was the fourth ‘404.111’ off the mercedes assembly line in 1955, with only 1,210 ‘unimogs’ produced in the iconic series.

originally delivered to the air force for towing aircraft, the mercedes-benz ‘unimog’s’ most extraordinary achievement was winning the paris-dakar rally by accident in 1982 and 1985 – several teams competing in the event only used the 4×4 as their support vehicle, meaning even though it qualifies in the truck class, it still had a lot of keeping up to do with the more agile vehicles in the car, off-road vehicles and motorcycle classes.

the engine is an original ‘M180’ mercedes gasoline unit paired with a manual six-speed transmission, with only 15000 original miles on the clock. this 5500 pound truck can tackle almost any terrain thanks to its4×4 drive, and 17 inches of ground clearance. with its low center of gravity, and minimal overhang on the rear and front ends, the 1955 mercedes can take approach and departure angles up to 45 degrees. not only can this green off-road machine climb mountains and ford rivers, it drives on the highway comfortably.