Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce is a one-off Performance Speed Boat


the lamborghini ‘aventador super veloce’ is a 52-ft custom built speed boat that can hit 290 km/h (180 mph) on the open seas. it’s been built to match the 2016 ‘aventador’ supercar in every way, and they are nowpaired up and are now for up for sale together as a salubrious package listed by the james edition, an exclusive car, yacht, motorcycle, jet, and helicopter dealer. this ‘verde singh’ green machine is faster than the aston martin ‘AM37 powerboat‘, and according to its current owner it is one of the quickest performance boats in the world.

all images © james edition

james edition’s lamborghini lovers ultimate SV package pairs one 2016 ‘aventador’ supercar with the one of a kind ‘super veloce’ speed boat. both were custom built for their discerning owner over two years, and were recently featured on the CNBC television show ‘the secret lives of the super rich‘. the 52-ft ‘super veloce’ catamaran’s carbon fiber hull and deck are finished to replicate the car’s bodywork with custom LED lighting and carbon fiber accents, while much of the six-person cockpit has been fitted with bespoke buttons and dials that appear to be borrowed from the italian supercar.

the lamborghini speed boats prestige-spec stereo system cost more than most mid-sized cars, and the vessel features a ‘race’ and ‘pleasure’ key fob so the driver can switch between top-speed and a more leisurely ride at the touch of a button. powering the water-based-beast is a ferocious 1350 bhp engine (or 1550 bhp with race fuel), taking its top speed in excess of 180 mph on the water. irrespective of the color scheme, this ‘lamboat’ luxury bundle would fit in any super hero’s car collection seamlessly.