World’s Fastest Go-Kart Speeds From 0 to 60 in Less Than Two Seconds


toronto-based EV company daymak have taken the humble go kart from child’s play to serious business with the c5-blast. the team believe the new model to be the fastest electric go kart in the world, speeding from 0 to 60 mph in less that 1.5 seconds. powered by 100 percent clean energy, the daymak c5 blast will be a little faster that the tesla p100D.

the daymak C5 blast will feature 12 EDF Motors, 10 kWh Engine and a 2500Wh panasonic lithium battery pack

daymak’s lightening-fast vehicle is powered by a liquid cool 10,000 W motor, along with eight EDF motors to create a huge combined output of 96 KG of upward thurst. add to that another four rear EDF motors for 60 KG of forward thrust, and it’s easy to see how the machine speeds over the existing record holder for world’s fastest go-kart. currently held by hochschule osnabrück institut MuT clocking at to 60 in 2.635 seconds, the c5-blast clears the time easily. the go kart has a net weight of around 200 KG, yet with the upward motors in full power the weight goes down to just 100 kilograms.

jason roy, vice president of daymak explains excitedly that ‘we went through all this effort to break the record. so, we figured we well smash it! now we have a working prototype and we are currently looking to apply this technology to a variety of projects. the potential are limitless.’ lead project manager akili sylvester goes on to add jokingly: ‘we just have to find someone fearless to drive it.’

president of daymak aldo baiocchi elaborated that daymak could actually make the vehicle lighter and faster. ‘at a certain point, the go kart would start floating like the star wars land speeder. or we could add wings and it would fly! we think we can even eventually make it go from 0 to 60 in under one second, making it faster than any vehicle in existence.’

daymak’s vision is to become the leading producer of light electric vehicles. the brand also add an element of sustainability to their designs, seeking to reduce the CO2 emissions one electric vehicle at a time by vertical integration from design to development to retail distribution worldwide. ’if you want to go faster, call us,’ baiocchi summarizes with an excited smile. ‘we can make your car fly!’