Ducati 848 Neo-Racer Custom Motorcycle by Smoked Garage


the ducati ‘848’ neo-racer custom motorcycle from smoked garage cuts a futuristic form in raw aluminum with minimalist blue details. based on a 2015  ducati street fighter 848, the ‘neo-racer’ explains the indonesian company’s history with the drag strip, racing, and quality, while experimenting with some unusual materials.

all images © smoked garage / arief budiatna

smoked garage reached out to nico design for two-dimensional drawings of the ‘neo-racer’ and its components. with the futuristic silhouette understood, it was time to create a scale 3D model of the motorcycle, with foam mouldings being used as geometry references and templates for each part of the final build. this was the basis of the bespoke, hand-beaten aluminium bodywork. this process required an unwavering attention to detail, taking seven men working twelve hour days, a whole month to complete. once finished the panels were fitted the bike and tested for two weeks ensuring a seamless fit.

painting the minimalist lines on the raw polished aluminum was tricky as the paint didn’t want to stick at first, so the bali-based garage gave all the parts a second brush. this combination of polished alloy, carbon fiber and its six shades of blue is mesmerizing. its airbox is covered in a polished alloy skin, with a relief for the radiator filler, while a bespoke outer tank mounts over the top. the rider’s seat also makes use of an upper and lower section that is supported by CNC machined billet aluminum.

the lightweight Ducati alloys are finished in ‘lolly’ blue and are wrapped in metzeler’s tires, while its structure is enhanced with carbon fiber paneling. the ‘neo-racer’ now features a motogadget M-unit, sending power to its futuristic front and rear LED lights.