Mercedes-AMG GT Concept Highlights Dynamic, Autonomous Future


the mercedes-benz ‘AMG GT concept’ showcases mercedes’ third self driving sports car, while extending the performance AMG GT family to include a four-door. the ‘GT’ concept vehicle features impressive driving dynamics coupled with high efficiency, resulting in an innovative drive system that illustrates how AMG are defining performance of the future. the concept vehicle combines a V8 petrol engine with an electric motor, both of which are networked to a modular battery concept, with a combination of powerful, light batteries. the hybrid powertrain offers an impressive electric range, plus the opportunity to generate a system output of up to 600 kW. it can cover the sprint from 0 – 100 kmh in under three seconds – that corresponds to supercar level.

all images © mercedes-benz

the four-door sports car from mercedes-benz will aim to build upon the success story of the ‘AMG GT’. the dynamic fastback will also be suitable for everyday use from its large tail gate, plus the variable interior and luggage compartment. the new coupé blends the high functionality of the performance cars with the sportiness of the ‘AMG GT’ sports car. the show car offers a sneak preview of the exterior design of the coming series production model.

with the aid of the typically-mercedes design idiom with a deeply drawn bonnet and powerfully raked windscreen, the ‘GT’ concept vehicle is instantly recognizable as a genuine ‘AMG GT’. the exterior design is typified with extremely muscular proportions, a large volume plus sensuous and simultaneously reduced surface styling. the concept car represents the design philosophy of sensual purity and lends it the added performance characteristic of AMG.

the ‘panamericana’ grille with vertical ribs painted red on the sides, the new configuration of the extremely slim main headlamps and the side air gills with their dominant design in the front apron are ‘AMG GT’ design characteristics that have been exagerrated to express pure power. the bonnet reaching right to the wheel arches underscores the sporty genes together with the two powerdomes. this is also expressed in the extravagant ‘hot’ red  paintwork with a finish that shimmers in the light like liquid metal.

with the ‘nano active fiber technology’ the bavarian-automaker is presenting daytime running lights for the first time. the three-dimensional illumination effect lends the concept vehicle an autonomous light signature. the turn signal light function is integrated at the top edge, while the serial turn signal pulse ‘flashing light indicator’ has been enhanced and impresses with its extremely rapid sequence. two tubular rod lights illuminate the road surface directly in front of the car and couples this driving light with the main LED headlamps and its lens system. a golden sail-shaped badge supplements the individual impression, and a red AMG logo denotes attention to detail.

the width-biased rear assembly also features the typical ‘AMG GT’ look with extremely slim horizontal tail lamps, plus the shape of the tailgate. the tail light also has this new light technology, which is located beneath the three-dimensional lens of the rear lamps. a ribbed cooling module is integrated into the lens to guide the waste heat to the exterior.

the crouched, dynamic greenhouse with its steeply sloping roof line and slim layout of the frameless side windows emphasize the dynamic forwards thrust of the concept car when viewed from the side. the tapered side drop and the broad rear shoulder in the area of the flared wheel arches reinforce the muscular expression. the function of the exterior mirrors on the study is taken care of by aerodynamically favourable miniature cameras, known as mirror cams. the roof, the a-wing of the front spoilers, the rear diffuser and the side sill panels in high-quality yet light carbon fiber make a connection with motorsport.

the performance hybrid system combines a powerful 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine with an additional electric machine, ensuring immediate response and offering AMG high system performance. the fully variable AMG performance ‘4MATIC+’ all-wheel drive is also supported by the electric motor. it drives the rear wheels directly and has the effect of an additional booster, so the driver can directly experience an increase in performance.

the ‘AMG GT’ concept car will extend the portfolio of mercedes to include a performance-oriented alternative: the energy storage unit is more powerful than conventional hybrid batteries, but at the same time more compact and lighter. on a modular basis the system can be scaled upwards, so that the performance and capacity of the battery can be adjusted to meet specific requirements of customer. the charging of the battery during the journey occurs via brake recuperation, plus with the aid of the combustion engine if the battery charge has dropped beneath a certain threshold value.

the operating strategy of the concept vehicle came from the hybrid powerpack of the mercedes ‘petronas‘ AMG formula 1 racing car. as in the champions league of motorsport, the battery is charged while the vehicle is being driven to always have the full amount of electrical power available – and to be able to accelerate out of bends full throttle.