Designer Brings K75 ALPHA Concept Motorcycle to Life

mehmet doruk erdem is a designer who enjoys fusing fantasy with reality, as he demonstrates frequently with his collection of futuristic vehicle concepts. based in istanbul, he continues to blur the boundaries between vehicle brands. now, one of his designs, the ‘K75 typhoon’, has been brought to life by motorcycle expert mark atkinson (online pseudonym: makr).

image © mehmet doruk erdem

with a background in the bonneville salt flats racing and as a machinist, atkinson saw a streamliner motorcycle design as completely normal. when he first viewed erdem’s concept, he was struck instantly and craved trying to bring it to life. luckily, mehmet obliged and they saw the ‘K75 alpha’ the same way: mixing a traditional classic style with go-fast streamliner lines.

image © mark atkinson

based upon the classic BMW ‘K75 triple’, the ‘alpha’ features an elegant rolling chassis with hand-made bodywork that truly mimics erdem’s other-worldly concept. the sculpural front fairing is shaped by mark atkinson in a neo-retro style, an emerging influence in the designers portfolio. with his background as a machinist, makr fabricated most of the ‘K5 alpha’s’ components from scratch. its also features a bespoke chassis, center hub pivot, hand-machined aluminum linkage, plus a bellcrank-actuated steering system.

image © mehmet doruk erdem

image © mark atkinson

image © mehmet doruk erdem