If You Happen to See This Label on Fruit, Avoid Purchasing it At Any Cost

When shopping for fruit have you noticed that several varieties come with labels on them. While some labels depict the country of export, others could even depict a brand. However!! That isn’t the issue; the main issue is a little code number which you may be clueless about.

Fruits have labels which mean a lot and because you may have no idea what they actually mean, you make purchases without knowing how dangerous they could be to your health. If you see this label on fruit, avoid it at all costs. Read on to know why.

1. Why do fruits have labels?

Labels on fruit are known as the PLU number. This stands for Product looking Number. Just as your plastic ware has different codes, fruit too has a PLU number which corresponds to valuable information connected to it. So what do these numbers mean?

The PLU number denotes the process that has gone into producing the fruit. Whether it is organic or grown on commercial farms, whether it has been sprayed with chemicals etc.Image Source: www.myfearlesskitchen.com

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