Did You Know These 15 Amazing Uses of Vicks Vaporub

10 Toenail Fungus

For toe nail fungus first trim your nails. Then apply Vicks vaporub on the infected area twice a day. Put on your socks only after you apply the Vicks. Trim nails regularly till fungus disappears.toenail-fungusImage Source: www.remediosdecasa.com

11. Pet Peeing and Scratching

Untrained dogs and puppies will most certainly pee in all the wrong places. Cats too have a habit of scratching furniture. Just keep a bottle of Vicks opened in the area where they are most prone to be active.pet-peeing-and-scratchingImage Source: www.diseasespictures.com

12 Healing Of Cuts and Splinters

Vicks is a great way of reducing inflammation and infection from cuts and splinters. It also initiates and hastens the healing process.healing-of-cuts-and-splintersImage Source: www.galaxant.com

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