Did You Know These 15 Amazing Uses of Vicks Vaporub

4. Use Vicks as a Moisturizer

For dry skin you can use Vicks as an effective moisturizer. Just apply it once a day to your skin, it’ll work well.use-vicks-as-a-moisturizerImage Source: www.h-cdn.co

5. Get Rid Of Bruises

Combine Vicks with a pinch of salt and apply to the bruised area of your skin. Vicks vaporub will heal the bruise and reduce the scarring quickly.get-rid-of-bruisesImage Source: www.whstatic.com

6. Relief Form Muscle Soreness

This is truly an amazing use of Vicks vaporub .Massage your muscles and parts of your body under strain with Vicks vaporub. Once you finish cover the areas heat a towel preferably by steaming or with an iron as it should be dry and cover the area. Keep the sore limb upright while lying down. You’ll find the pain reducing. This should be done thrice daily.relief-form-muscle-sorenessImage Source: www.lovethispic.com

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