iPhone 9 Spotted: A Flip Phone Retro ?


While iPhone 8 is still a mystery, a new smartphone of Apple has been received patent. It is said that the phone could be iPhone 9. Interestingly, there are many assumptions around the phone that makes iPhone lovers even more curious about the phone. Let’s read on and discover!


iPhone 9: an innovation or a retro of an old kind of phones

Back to September, Apple has released its two flagships of 2016 which are iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The two smartphones are successors as they are well-received by many users all around the world. Recently, there are more and more alleged information about the iPhone 8 that would be released in 2018. In earlier posts, we already provided you leaked information of iPhone 8. As 2017 is the 10th years anniversary since the first iPhone was put on sale. We can expect that Apple will make its fans surprised and happy with new products.

While the real iPhone 8 is still not showed up yet , foreign media reported that Apple has just received patent for a new smartphone. It is skeptical that the phone can be iPhone 9. Interestingly, it is also said that it would be a flip phone. In addition, according to the patent, the body of this mysterious “iPhone 9” would be made out of nickel-titanium alloy which in turn create a rigid and durable material.


There are a lot of assumptions around the “flip” functionality of the phone.  There is one simple assumption that the phone might look quite similar to that clamshell phone. Another assumption is that the phone can be folded to half size of the original display. According to analyst Sun Changxu, it is high possibility that rather than a clamshell, the phone could mount a flexible display with OLED panel.

It’s about time!

And of course, we cannot see iPhone 9 at least until 2018. So let’s keep calm and wait for the real iPhone 8 first. We will keep updating for you.