10 Things You Need to Know About The Art of Brushing Your Teeth


Brushing teeth is an integral part of everyone’s life, but are you doing it the right way? Or your teeth are slowly suffering the burden of your ignorance.
1. Always use a good ADA-approved toothbrush
2. Always hold your toothbrush between your forefinger and thumb. Never apply the pressure of your entire hand.

3. Brushing immediately after eating can damage the enamel of your teeth

4. Similarly easting immediately after brushing is also not advised


5. Spend proper time on brushing. Divide your mouth into quadrants spend 30 seconds on each quadrant

6. Flossing is important. Mouthwash is not.

7. Soft bristles are the best. Hard bristles can damage gums and enamel


8. Always brush your tongue to avoid bad breath

9. Don’t forget your gum line while brushing

10. And always make sure your brush is clean. Keep it covered when not in use