How Many of These Obscure Gullwing Cars Do You Know?


Why would anyone want normally opening doors when doors that open up are an option? Gullwing portals certainly aren’t anything new, though you can find them on some newer releases – Tesla’s Model X (yes, we know they’re technically “falcon doors”) or Pagani’s Huyara, for example. But there used to be so many more. Sure, we’re all well acquainted with the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, arguably the most beautiful coupe to ever spread its wings, and the likes of the DMC DeLorean, but there are a wealth of other cars that also eschewed horizontal openings. How many of these more esoteric gulled machines are you familiar with?

Autozam AZ-1autozam-az© The Drive The Drive

Fewer than 5,000 of these Japanese kei cars were made, and fewer exist today. Purposefully built to get around Japanese tax regulations, a kei car cannot be longer than 126 inches or have an engine capacity greater than 660cc (in the Nineties), and the Autozam AZ-1 ticks those boxes, thanks to a 657cc inline-3 with a turbocharger. Designed by Suzuki, production was actually taken over by Mazda’s Autozam arm, although about 530 models were actually sold under the Suzuki Cara. When production time came, the AZ-1 was only available in two colors, Siberia Blue and Classic Red, and it was never intended to be sold outside of Japan. Despite the wings, the AZ-1 couldn’t fly. With just 63 horses under the hood, it took the Autozam AZ-1 a full 10.5 to hit 60.

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