The 22 Best Things to Eat in Asia Before You Die

raveling the world isn’t only about fun and games, it’s about discovering new learning opportunities and living through novel experiences. Wherever your interests lie—whether it be in the food, the people, or the sights—Asia is one of the most enriching, the most inexpensive, and the the most fun places to be.

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to travel to four different countries and had one of the best times of my life. Get ready to plan your own journey because after reading about the 25 best things I ate, I guarantee you’ll have 25 irresistible reasons on why you need to plan a break as soon as possible.

1. Foie Gras from Park Society at So Sofitel Bangkok

foie-gras © Melissa Vajanaphanich asia sauce pork

This controversial European delicacy may not be native to Thai cuisine but it was still one of the best things I had eaten during my trip. When paired with the tart berry compote and the crispy bread, each foie gras mouthful contained a dimension of rich flavors and diverse textures.

Moreover, just being at Park Society was an experience in itself. While there were no more than 10 tables in the entire dining room, this exclusive and intimate restaurant also boasts stunning views of Bangkok’s metropolitan skyline.

2. Lemongrass Creme Brulee from New Star Beach Resort

lemongrass-creme-brulee © Melissa Vajanaphanich asia parsley herb

The beachside dining experience that I had with New Star’s Destination Dining was undeniably one of the coolest and the tastiest highlights of my Asia trip. That night, we literally ordered at least half the entire menu, since everything was so delectable, but if I had to pick only one dish to talk about, it would be the dessert.

Their crème brûlée was unlike anything I have ever had before and epitomizes everything that fusion cuisine should aspire to be. Its sumptuous texture and glassy crust was a homage to the French classic whereas the herby notes of lemongrass and the slight sweetness definitely originated from Thai tastes.

#SpoonTip: Although it’s not listed on their menu, ask your waiter for their handmade marshmallows – they will rock your world.

3. Thai Rice Salad with Fresh Herbs from Cream Cafe

thai-rice-salad-with-fresh-herbs © Melissa Vajanaphanich asia vegetable tea

Vegans, vegetarians, and health food fanatics, eat your hearts out because this rice salad is a specialty meal that’s rarely found beyond Southern Thailand.

Despite having visited Thailand almost every year, with the exception of one, this was the first time I had ever heard or seen of such a dish. Nevertheless, it was whimsically colorful, satisfyingly light, and extraordinarily inexpensive considering that it fed two.

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