9 Harmful Food Combinations You Should Avoid


There are so many warnings about junk food and what not to eat.  I think at this point we all know the dangers and health risks of eating junk food.  What is crazy is that you might think you know how to eat healthy, but do you REALLY know what to avoid? There are food combinations that you might not have known can cause problems. Here are a few combinations that you should start avoid now.

1. Fruit with your meal or afterwards9 Harmful Food Combinations You Should Avoidimage:curezilla.com

Why? Fruit is absorbed very quickly, passing through the stomach and then absorbed in the intestines. When these fruits are combined with grains, meats or dried products- they can stay in the digestive tract way too long and begin to ferment. Fermentation in your gut can cause damage to the walls of your intestine amongst other problems.  Stay away from the fruit if you are going to be eating a bunch of meats, or other slow digesting foods and you’ll be ok.

2. Animal protein and starch.Animal protein and starchimage:blog.foodnetwork.com

Why? According to Tara Aldar, (an expert on the effects of food on the body) ingesting animal proteins and carbohydrates at the same time can negate the effects of each macronutrient.  What this means is that different digestive enzymes can clash and can cause gas problems, discomfort and flatulence. Next time you want to chow down on steak and potatoes, keep this in mind!

3. Limes and cough medicine.Limes and cough medicineimage:Troy Tolley/Flickr

Why? According to Men’s Health magazine, limes can inhibit or block enzymes that break down cholesterol lowering statins.  That is bad enough but if you combine that effect with cough syrup that is where the trouble begins.  A well-known cough medication is dextromethorphan, that medicine can build up in your blood stream if you fail to break down statins which will then increase unwanted side effects from the medication. Pharmacist Mary Ellen Gullickson Ph.D. says these side effects can include frightening hallucinations and insomnia.  If hallucinating and insomnia doesn’t sound like a good time then avoid lime juice the next time you have a tickly throat and always check with your pharmacist for clear guidance on this matter.

4. Starchy carbs and tomatoes.Starchy carbs and tomatoesimage:russelstreetpizza

Here is the why. Tomatoes are an acidic fruit and can cause problems when eaten at the same time as starch carbohydrates. High starch carbs include rice or sweet potatoes. If you consume tomatoes and high starch carbs, you can run the risk of causing indigestion, GERD (heartburn on steroids) and other digestion problems. Some nutrition experts also believe that after meal fatigue can be caused by eating tomatoes and starchy carbs at the same time.

5. Fruit and yogurt.Fruit and yogurtimage: Suanie – berries yoghurt

A match made in heaven? Not according to our research. Combining fruit and dairy products can lead to a world of suffering. Dairy foods are known to cause congestion, blocking sinuses, encouraging colds and typically worsening symptoms of allergies.  These symptoms can become even more apparent due to the addition of sugars when fruit is a part of the yogurt.  Most fruit added yogurts sneak in large quantities of sugar. A better option is a natural Greek yogurt with no additional fruits or sugars.

6. Cereal and milk.Cereal and milk.image: Jonathan Lin – Wheaties

No! Not my milk and cereal. I bet I just shocked your socks off.  Milk and cereal has been a staple of many of our diets across the world. You almost can’t think of breakfast without your mind thinking of a bowl of milk and cereal.  Milk is good by itself, and most non sugary cereals are good too, the issue comes when you put both together.  Milk and most cereals contain fast digesting carbs that put the body’s insulin system under stress, this combination can cause blood sugar spikes that will leave you tired when your body is finally able to return your blood sugar to normal.  This up and down effect will make you crave more carbohydrate full food and kick off a cycle of high and low blood sugar.

7. Wine and pudding.Wine and pudding.image: chocolatemoosey – wine and pudding

Dessert is everyone’s favorite part of the meal. Unfortunately for those with a craving for sweets, this tasty combo can wreak havoc on your internal organs and waistline. Alcohol drastically raises blood sugar levels which then increase insulin production.  That reaction puts a strain on your body’s digestive and endocrine system.  So what happens when you have a couple spoonfuls of your favorite pudding too? Well, your body is already busy trying to process the rush of sugars from wine then you come along and eat that delicious pudding that adds more fuel to the fire.  The excess sugar will be thoughtfully packed by your body into fat cells and you will be stuck with an unhealthy weight gain. For a smarter alternative, try consuming wine with low-glycemic index rated foods such as fibrous vegetables.  You could also have pudding, but with a cup of tea after dinner.  This may not sound as tasty, but it will pay off in the long run.

8. Burger and fries.Burger and friesimage: joey-californiawhopper

A favorite lunch for millions.  Why do burger and fries make our list? A match seemingly made in heaven we all know that a quick meal is usually an unhealthy one. Most fast foods are rush cooked with high levels of fat, preservatives and other chemicals.  That all can form a charcoal-type substance on the meat patty.  It may taste pretty delicious going down, but then that charcoal substance combines with the sugar in french fries, creating cytokines.  Cytokines are known for causing widespread inflammation and speeding up the aging process.  Next time you are craving a burger and fries, go for a salad instead.

9. Muffins and fruit juices.Muffins and fruit juicesimage: playingwithflour – orange muffins

Why would juice and muffins make the list?  This delightful combination may offer your taste buds joy, but packs on the calories with little nutritional benefit. Starting your day with this meal can lead to blood sugar levels all over the map which can lead to energy crashes and cravings by mid-afternoon.  The up and down of your blood sugars can make you cranky and irritable. Muffins and juice are also sorely lacking when it comes to protein and fiber.  If you are craving a muffin, go for a wholegrain variety that will do your body good. We could talk forever about what not to eat, but now that you know the basics, making healthy choices will be easier.  Your body will thank you for making the right choices not the easy ones!