A-380 Dimension & Key Data



The A380’s service introduction ushered in a new era of airline transportation for operators. Whether it’s being used to reduce the number of flights and create cost savings while maintaining capacity, or to offer more capacity with fewer takeoff slots, the A380 brings operators a wide range of commercial advantages.

Furthermore, with two full-length decks, more space for every passenger, and a flying experience no other aircraft in the sky can match, the A380 has become a must-have ticket on every route it flies – resulting in a significant first-mover advantage for operators.

Overall length 72.72 m
Cabin length 49.90 m
Fuselage width 7.14 m
Max cabin width Main deck: 6.5 m
Upper deck: 5.8 m
Wing span (geometric) 79.75 m
Height 24.09 m
Track 14.34 m
Wheelbase 31.88 m


Typical seating 544 (4-class)
Max 853
LD3 capacity underfloor 38 LD3
Max pallet number underfloor 13
Bulk hold volume 14.3 m³
Total volume (Bulk loading) 184 m³


Range 15 200 km
Mmo M0.89
Max ramp weight 577 tonnes
Max take-off weight 575 tonnes
Max landing weight 394 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 369 tonnes
Max fuel capacity 320 000 litres

Engines x4

Engines x4GP 7200

Engines x4RR Trent 900 

Thrust range              311 kN