This is a 761bhp Ferrari 488 GTB


Novitec Rosso takes Ferrari 488, paints it yellow, gives it all the power

Novitec Rosso unveils their tasteful package for the Ferrari 488 GTB. New carbon aero parts give the car more downforce and the ‘base-spec’ tuning package produces 761hp and a 0-62 time of 2.8s. The new exhaust system


German tuner Novitec Rosso has finally revealed its upgrade package for the Ferrari 488 GTB. The result is, as you can see, quite yellow. And fast. In its most extreme form, power from the twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 is up by 100bhp to 761bhp and torque is up by 97lb ft to a colossal 658lb ft. The result is a 2.8s 0-62mph time, and top speed of 213mph.

Big numbers, thanks, says Novitec, to some clever remapping of the engine’s control units, which has affected the ignition, injection and electronic boost control. You can also choose from a set of high-performance exhausts with optional ‘electronic sound management’.


All the extra bodywork is carbon-fibre, and supposedly makes the 488 more aerodynamically efficient. The rear lights have been tinted, and it’s riding on 21s at the front, and 22s (shod with 335/25 P Zeros. Gulp) at the rear. The ride height has been lowered by 35mm (it does have a nose lift for speedbumps), but the standard car’s active damper control is retained.

As you’d expect, Novitec doesn’t specify a price. If you have to ask…

Novitec-Rosso-Ferrari-488-GTB-Revealed! Novitec-Rosso-Ferrari-488-GTB-Revealed!