Bugatti’s Galibier 4-Door Sedan Does 235mph,


Bugatti’s Veyron is ludicrous, if not wholly impractical.  That’s what makes it the center of attention when ever one as spotted at a car show.  But no one purchases the 1000+ horsepower car as a daily commuter, or stuffs their kids into the backseat.  At least not anyone we know, but if there is a will there is inevitably a way.  And now it would see the will is the way, as Bugatti plans to put their Galibier, their 4 door sedan, into production.Bugatti’s Galibier 4-Door Sedan Does 235mph,Initial specs called for a sedan to boast less than 1000 horsepower.  But apparently that spec set was enough to satiate the execs at Audi, or garner the press that the car surely deserved.  So now it would seem that the vehicle has been taken back to the proverbial drawing board and will in fact sport a 1000+ HP setup when it hits sometime in 2015.  It’s not clear if an optional hybrid system is still in the works, but if it is, it will serve more as a marketing tool then actual fuel economizer.  Car and Driver has suggested that the vehicle may in fact have 1,400 horsepower, and a top speed that exceeds 235mph.  And yes, those are 8 tailpipes you see protruding from its rear end.Bugatti’s Galibier 4-Door Sedan Does 235mph,Bugatti’s Galibier 4-Door Sedan Does 235mph,bugatti-16c-galibier #bugatti-16c-galibier-61-650x406Bugatti’s Galibier 4-Door Sedan Does 235mph,Bugatti’s Galibier 4-Door Sedan Does 235mph,